Why we should stop publishing in open-access journals with article processing charges

The current international publication system is sick. While waiting to find a therapy for its disease, we should avoid aggravating its health by relying on something like APC journals, which do not constitute a viable treatment, but the death of trustworthy scholarly publishing.

Planning, pluralism and religious diversity

  Religious diversity has significant consequences on the urban environment, and primarily because of the new spaces that it entails. These spaces engender complex problems of regulation, including specific issues related to urban planning. This article will mainly consider the current situation in Italy. Its focus will be on the …

Corruption in land-use issues: a crucial challenge for planning theory and practice

  This paper deals with the question of corruption in the field of land-use planning. To curb the insidious spread of graft and bribery, anti-corruption measures should be built into any planning system as part of its structure. Corruption in the planning field is largely tied to the opportunities that …

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