Inverse Planning in the Cracks of Formal Land Use Regulation

This paper focuses on a case of ‘non-public planning’ in an informal neighbourhood of Maputo, Mozambique. Here, several residents undertook some planning duties (e.g. drawing up a detailed plan) in order to regularise their informal dwellings in lieu of the Municipality, due to its inertia. This was an attempt to …

Planning, pluralism and religious diversity

  Religious diversity has significant consequences on the urban environment, and primarily because of the new spaces that it entails. These spaces engender complex problems of regulation, including specific issues related to urban planning. This article will mainly consider the current situation in Italy. Its focus will be on the …

Corruzione e urbanistica

Gli episodi di corruzione sono, in Italia, elemento di cronaca quotidiana. Allo stesso tempo, la stigmatizzazione della corruzione è un leitmotiv del discorso pubblico e politico. E’ però sorprendente constatare, a fronte di ciò, la quasi totale assenza di provvedimenti in grado di affrontate efficacemente, in modo sistemico, il problema.

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